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Not much is quite as important than your big day!  Family comes together, friends gather to celebrate and perhaps some welcome party crashers too.

But, Bri's Eye Photography knows you have more to worry about than the photographer.  You have your DJ or band, flowers, location, your amazing banquet dinner, a bar, and even more exciting....the honeymoon shortly thereafter!

My rates are low for a good reason...peace of mind.  A wedding budget rarely is spread evenly and usually one of the biggest expenses is the photographer which forces you to skimp on other details.  Everyone is on a budget and that's why I charge what I charge; to give you that peace of mind that you will be able to have a great event without breaking the bank.

My services are for those on budgets or for those who are tired of quotes so high, they embarrass you.  Also, it's for those who want to look back on their pictures only enjoy their memories instead of the reflecting on expense they cost you.

All Weddings Include

Wedding Samples

Pre-Prep (hair and make-up shots

Bride's party beforehand

Groom's prep and party beforehand


Set-Up shots after Ceremony


.......and all the fun that ensues!!!

Capturing a lifetime of memories, in an affordable Way

Bri's Eye Photography

Bri's Eye Photography